This is a graphic design and art website, designed for people  who want a quick and easy cartoon/artwork done to their select photos.


        You have 4 styles of art to choose from (more on the way): a clean Fauvism that gives you a more modern look from the old traditional fauvism. Cubism, an artwork that strictly follow, patterns, lines, and shapes. A Faded Fauvism, which is a basic  CF (Clean Fauvism) but with more blends where ever the colors meet. lastly a sweet little anime like cartoon. Mid - Anime is an almost anime-like cartoon that’s  fun for the kid. The eyes art enlarge, the lines art more cut, and the details are settling.


       Artestre’s goal is to grow in all aspects of art, photography, graphic design, and decorating. For right now Artestre is sticking to Cartoon Art principles. If you have any questions or need of assistants, please don't hesitate to "Get In Touch" with us.

Thank you!.